Binary Code the Elegant Power of Numbers

AISC is an Artificial Intelligence Service Company that transfers businesses into the 21-st century. Clients of AISC adopt a data-driven approach and power of artificial intelligence to decision. With AISC numbers become paramount for any company. ​​​​​​​

Taking maximum from numbers means understanding them from the bottom. With AI, data science and machine learning you get more insights and decompile any digital data of your business up to its source. The more you know, the more you control.

Financial information is just one kind of data, not necessarily the most important one. Many other types have to be treated with the same care and respect. From special offers in pastry shops to strategic financial planning.

Having that in mind we decided to use the binary code — digitalization and data in one simple yet recognizable symbol. After finding the right metaphor, we started to dig deeper to create an outstanding visual strategy for the brand of AISC. We decided to develop the attributes of the digital DNA with a Playfire Display font in its core. It is a classic serif font that creates the correct tone of voice brand. Besides, it is explicitly designed for screens and takes into account all the features of the modern digital world.