We have aspired to design and develop really complex, unique digital solutions. Early in our journey, we recognized plenty of opportunities to work on such kind of projects within the financial industry, which players were reinventing the way people manage money.

We’ve been cooperating with banking group operating in 13 countries for more than three years. The ecosystem that we continue to design and code includes: mobile applications, Internet banking, terminals and websites with the ability to change content in their own language for regional managers.

Goals and Objectives

And today, efficient banking technology goes hand in hand with a modern, efficient SME sector integrated into the global economy. Private clients likewise aspire to Western banking standards. Besides, accessibility, affordability, efficiency and security of banking services gained increasing importance in this digital era.

So in response to the developing market conditions, ProCredit wanted to modernise their branches and service points to include 24/7 Zones with state-of-the-art infrastructure, as well as to invest in digital solutions for routine services. Besides, ProCredit has been focused, not only on the development of 24/7 Zones but also on remote services in general and internet banking.

Taking into consideration these requests, we had to build ProCredit’s Direct Banking in a way that could provide their customers with the most simple and fast system, integrated into one service.

The Task

Introducing Direct Banking, intended for customers wishing to access banking services through digital sources, was one of the main tasks that have been lying ahead of ProCredit Group. The concept of Direct Banking is simple: monthly, under certain tax conditions, clients have the opportunity to independently carry out their desired transactions and get exclusively low-interest rates on loan terms.

The goal was to allow clients to access their accounts via PC, tablet or mobile phone and perform all banking cashless operations wherever they need. Our task was to develop the omnichannel platform that could support the delivery of services and interaction between a client and the bank. The direct banking concept also embraces the use of ATMs and cards.

Challenges and Peculiarities

Optimal IT solutions are a central part of implementing the business and risk strategies of the group. The IT and software development priorities are set in the Group IT Strategy and approved by the Management of ProCredit Holding.

Our responsibility is not only to react quickly to upcoming demand for technological innovation but also to develop and implement strategically important new IT solutions. We needed to coordinate IT activities carefully and to design and test new services and channels prior to development and rollout.